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Customers’ challenges: Adenza Calypso is a core front-to-back processing platform for customers who have begun a digital transformation to control their costs, speed up their response to business demands and improve customer user experience (UX).

Addressing those challenges is a constant effort for customers, who need to balance functional and non-functional improvements with a limited budget. Calypso performance is a key factor of success in meeting these goals.

Hexagon Performance Analytics© for Adenza Calypso

Our solution: HPA is an industry-standard-based solution, fully designed and optimised for Adenza Calypso. With no source code modifications and no log dependencies HPA agents dynamically query Calypso components to provide more than 10,000 performance KPIs every 15 seconds.
When drilling down to Calypso’s main components such as the data server, the event server, the scheduled task manager and navigators, HPA dramatically reduces the time needed to locate and diagnose performance issues. HPA includes a predefined alarm template to proactively monitor your production environment.


HPA allows your Calypso team to optimize resource consumption, by recording detailed KPIs, and providing improved analytics more efficiently. This will help to optimize cloud and physical resource costs. Real flow data with response times and network bandwidth, provides a comprehensive view of the system’s behavior. Teams will understand how the system reacts to unexpected events, growing loads or failure.

HPA is offering a complete view of the system from clients to backends. By finger pointing specific components, the support team is able to react by disabling, prioritizing, or redirecting load to other components. Support teams will know how to balance the load and will meet their SLA demands timely and more easily!

Hexagon Performance Analytics© for SAP

Customers who have started their digital transformation rely on the support of their key Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. SAP is accessible from multi-channel front-ends, such as browsers, tablets and mobiles. Managing the experience of many thousands of users and correcting performance issues are key success factors in ensuring that your new SAP digital channels are easily adopted.


HPA ensures SAP quality-of-service across infrastructure as well as multi-channel access from legacy to mobile and web applications. Deploying HPA for SAP enables your organisation to provide a centralised solution integrated into SAP Solman (Solution Manager) for proactive performance management and user-experience (UX) monitoring. HPA provides a complete alerting system for proactive monitoring. The platform is able to cover your full ERP ecosystem with SAP and non-SAP applications monitoring. The granularity of the KPIs associated with drill-down capabilities at code level allow rapid and efficient performance diagnostics.

Use case:

Hexagon solutions is approved by major system integrators. You can assess the platform with a free trial on your own SAP environment or with one of our partners.


The Hexagon team has more than 15 years’ experience in Application Performance Management. We guide and support our customers’ performance management strategy and tooling projects.

Here are some examples of our consultancy work

APM deployment: Our team specialises in constructing performance monitoring strategies for large organizations. We help our customers prepare new projects for APM rollout as well as for any migration from an existing solution to a modern APM. We use mainly Dynatrace and Broadcom DX APM technology. Performance audits: these are performed on the customer’s production or reference environments. The assessment includes an analysis of possible performance bottlenecks, with scrutiny and classification of the components that consume the most. The audit provides an optimisation plan with priorities and recommendations. Custom-made monitoring development: When a standard APM does not meet the customer’s requirements, Hexagon can develop custom-made agents and dashboards. These specific extensions will allow the customer to monitor the most complex and critical applications.
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