Our Solutions

The Hexagon team, with over 15 years of practice and expertise in Application Performance Management (APM), is bridging the gap between real customer expectations and out-of-the-box monitoring solutions.
By providing a specific extension of Broadcom’s APM, Hexagon Performance Analytics© (HPA) offers unique analytics-driven solutions to diagnose, monitor and optimize the performance with:

  • HPA for trading platforms
  • HPA for ERP’s

Hexagon Performance Analytics Portal

Hexagon Performance Analytics Portal (HPA) provides friendly user interface for application performance reporting and analytics

Specific agents for complex applications

Hexagon specific agents leverage APM out-of the box feature and provide a deep application instrumentation, which allow end user experience monitoring, with in context business mapping and troubleshooting capabilities

Expertise & Methodology

Hexagon experts improve customer APM maturity by introducing continual performance improvement within application life cycle.

Our Specific Benefits

Hexagon offers unique software to expand APM market solutions in order to meet customers specific needs


Our specific Features

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